"Speaking of noise, that’s kind of Stu Spasm’s thing — from Lubricated Goat in the late 1980s and Crime Wave in the early aughts to his current project, the Art Gray Noizz Quintet. This elder statesman of clamor hasn’t lost his touch with devilishly groovy tunes like 'Won’t Say It' and what should be everyone’s new favorite anthem 'Killed by an Idiot.'


"Any band boasting members of LUBRICATED GOAT and Live Skull will get my attention. So it's pleasing to report that THE ART GRAY NOIZZ QUINTET live up to expectations. The Brooklyn brutes' recent "A Call To You"/"Won't Say It To My Face" single pummels, whooshes, and oscillates like Hawkwind on a tequila bender. It's pugilistic rock with gravel-voiced singing that aspires to space, but it's too busy kicking your ass to achieve stellar liftoff. (Key detail: The drummer's name is Bloody Rich.) And that resultant friction is what makes the music so compelling.


"The Art Gray in question here is Stuart Gray, whom you may have enjoyed in such knuckle-dragging Aussie noise-rock units as Lubricated Goat and Beasts Of Bourbon. I wasn’t sure what he’d be up to today (it’s not uncommon for rockers of a certain age to be charmed by old-timey blues or rockabilly motifs, as we all sadly know), but I’m pleased to announce that his Noizz Quintet are stomping mud-holes with the vigor of a pimply-faced teen. “A Call To You” is a prime chunk of gothy noise-punk, which strongly calls to mind the mean n’ spooky sonics of TV Ghost (who were, as it turns out, actual teenagers for much of their career), and it’s Captain Gray at the helm, speaking with a voice that’s saltier than any sea dog I know. The sharp dual-guitar interplay is executed perfectly, too – excellent track indeed! Gray’s voice is even frothier on “Won’t Say It To My Face”, which feels like a classic Cramps song infused with Birthday Party guitars and Stooges chug – if that sounds enticing, that’s because it is! I think there’s one guy in the Noizz Quintet who mostly just plays tambourine or cowbell with his shirt off, too – if you’re not currently scrambling over to Stubhub to pick up tickets to see these guys live, I implore you to re-read this review.”


i94 BAR (Australia) :

"The Art Gray Noizz Quintet are probably the last nasty rock'n'roll band in New York. See, Stu Spasm isn't the only culprit here. Skeletonboy is a NY underground name (one wonders if he owns his own bass yet) who used to play for WOMAN. “Bloody” Rich Hutchins (of Live Skull, do I need to explain further?) and Andrea Sicco of Twin Guns (nope, sorry, that's where the great divide between countries occur, so no idea there) also play on this.

“A Call to You” is whip-smart, luridly rough rock'n'roll tinged with the despair only sticky carpet on your face can provide. Slam-friendly, drunk and methed-out friendly, “A Call to You” is as stupid and straightforward as anything you've ever loved about this thing called rock'n'roll.

"Won't Say it to My Face” is a wry, droll grungy sixties number ... and it's a burning growl. I love the way the band sound so big and so locked-in... Martin Bisi produced with Stuart Gray.

Play loud and reintroduce yourself to tinnitus. 5/5"

Nick Cave: The Birthday Party and Other Epic Adventures



"As STU SPASM is set to head out west on tour with his newer band, he releases a video for a song he put out in the '80s, complete with never before seen live footage. Check it (and them out."



"You wanna know about second acts and resurrections? Cats may have nine lives, but goats appear to have more. The Art Gray Noizz Quintet may have something to say about the matter, or rather, Stu Spasm (neé Stuart Gray) does. He’s made a baller return, woodshedding his scuzzbucket rock juggernaut in NYC for a coupla years now with a consistent line up of desperadoes…and they’re totes solid action, as the U-Men would’ve said: Ryan Skeletonboy (Woman) crank-yanking a two string bass, Richie Hutchins (Live Skull/Of Cabbages & Kings/Ruin…) bustin’ guts on drums, Andrea Sicco (Twin Guns) sculpting a horn raisin’, twanged out cave frame for Stu’s new songs plus (in its current incarnation) a sax and trombone. The two songs on this 7″ are as heavy and menacing as anything on Plays The Devil’s Music, and that’s saying something (the turbulent midsection of “Won’t Say It To My Face” will make you seasick and it’s danceable!). If you ask all the tattooed, SnapChattin’, gig economizin’ Fuckin Record Reviews interns where rock lives in NYC in 2018, they wouldn’t be able to answer you right away…they’re all scuzzin’ their guts out up front to the Art Gray Noizz Quintet."


DIG IT ZINE #73 (France) :

- rough translation -

When Stu Spasm (ex-Lubricated Goat) gets in touch with gutter cats of the same ilk as him - the bass player Ryan Skeleton Boy (ex-Woman) and drummer Bloody Rich (formerly Live Skull, ex-Of Cabbages and Kings, ex-Ruin), the Big Apple cries all the tears of its corpse, his canvas carrying a radioactive swamp blues to crystallize the smell of asphalt wet in the halo of lampposts, coagulate canine excretions at curbs and freeze ghost shadows on the facades of the buildings. We find this in The Art Gray Noizz Quintet, so named with the addition of Andrea Sicco on guitar, and Johnny Scuotto on synthesizers and other instruments of torture. An expression we knew already in Lubricated Goat and even Woman, the family of Beasts Of Bourbon, Scientists, Gallon Drunk, Cheater Slicks, Penthouse to give an overview of influential music treatment on prescription only. The perfect soundtrack to accompany the reading of 'Jesus Elvis Junkie Blues' by Merle Leonce Bone in which, also, appears The Art Gray Noizz Quintet. This single is an endocrine disruptor recommended by chemists and distillers of the DIG IT! Laboratories.